The First wife of Adam

steps out of the whispers and lies
to tell a story no other knows.
She is no demon - but if not,
then what?

Blood Wish

Be careful what you wish for. She might just find you!

"Blood Wish" eBook on Smart Phone
Blood Wish
"Fatal Drops" eBook on iphone with glass and rose
Fatal Drops

Fatal Drops

One wrong drop in the cup of fate can change your life.

Readers' Comments

Wild Mustangs



"I enjoyed every page because
something was happening on each one. Your descriptions were incredible! I could feel and see everything that you were describing as if I were there. The story line was so good that I couldn't put it down. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next."

Woman sitting on bench

Erika Rebstock


"Lilith is a well engaging story with a plot that weaves in and out of fiction and historical fact. I was completely invested in the characters from the introduction and loved being taken through all of Lilith’s adventures and trials. I can not recommend Lilith enough."